Best For: Kids who know the basics of how to play their instrument and are ready to advance, and are ready to advance, and are also interested in learning how to perform in an authentic rock show environment.


Curriculum: In addition to learning how to master their instrument, students will also develop their skills in musicianship, stage performance, harmonies and more.


Structure: One 45 minute private lesson per week and one three-hour group rehearsal per week to prepare for their show, which will happen at the end of the semester.

Also Included:

-Free workshops and clinics.

-A performance by the students' rock bands at the end of the semester.


Note: We provide our students' bands with a rehearsal area and supervise their rehearsals to ensure a cooperative, productive and creative environment. We present performances by our students' bands at local venues (spring, fall and summer shows) for their friends, family and rock fans to enjoy.

-Themes for School of Rock student performances have included tributes to Pink Floyd, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Yes, AC/DC, the best of southern rock and more.

-These shows are the greatest demonstration of the School of Rock's ability to energize and focus kids and to inspire them to achieve the incredible.

-Every show features shredding guitar licks, kicking drum beats, rocking keyboard solos, funky bass lines and scorching vocals.

-The typical reaction among spectators is "Wow, those kids ROCK!!!"